Breast Reduction

Women undergo breast reduction surgery for physical and emotional reasons.

Through breast reduction surgery we will get rid of extra fat, tissue, and skin to make your breasts smaller.

Whether your breasts are causing chronic pain or just aren't proportionate to your body, we may be able to help you feel better about yourself through breast reduction surgery.

Although you can have breast reduction surgery at any age, it's best to wait until your breasts have fully grown and you've had children. 

Your surgeon will make an incision either around the nipple/areola and down the breast or will make an anchor-shaped incision vertically down the breast and horizontally underneath the breast. We will then remove fat and tissue from the breast, then we will cut away excess skin to give the breasts a more pleasing shape and position. We will then close the incisions and cover them with gauze.

Breast reduction surgery takes around four hours and is performed under general anesthesia. For the first one to two weeks following the surgery, you will have to wear a special bra. Total recovery time can take two to four weeks.