Eyelid Surgery

Would you like to reduce puffiness or bags under your eyes, drooping upper eyelids, or excess eyelid skin? Schedule a consultation with our plastic surgeon to discuss eyelid surgery.

Eyelid surgery can improve your appearance or vision by taking out extra skin/fat that may make you look exhausted or even sad.

We can perform eyelid surgery for patients who want to look bright eyed again or those who want to remove extra skin so they can see better!

To perform eyelid surgery, which is also called blepharoplasty, your surgeon will make tiny incisions in the upper eyelid or below the lower lashes. We will carefully keep the skin away from muscle and fat before the extra tissue is removed or altered.

Eyelid surgery typically takes two to three hours. Recovery time is anywhere from 7-10 days, but it depends largely on the patient and the type of procedure. 

Dr. Wade Kubat, plastic and reconstructive surgeon, discusses oculoplastic surgery.

What is oculoplastic surgery?

Oculoplastics can improve the vision of individuals who have extra skin of their upper eyelid and/or brow descent. The skin of the upper lid can actually touch the eyelid and can hang over. If you remove extra skin as well as lift up the brows, people can see better. Once corrected, they don't have difficulties driving or difficulties reading a book. Their eyes don't get fatigued. This is an insurance-based oculoplastic surgery that we do very frequently.

Why would a patient have oculoplastic surgery?

As we all get a little bit older and wiser, there seems to be skin laxity in lots of different areas. The eyelid is no exception. In the upper eyelid, the laxity of the skin can create extra skin and heaviness that can affect vision.