We offer customized facelifts to our patients and assess each patient individually to determine what parts of the face may need rejuvenation.

Whether you need a full facelift or a facelift in combination with injectable fillers, submental liposuction (to define the jaw line), brow lift, or eyelid lift, we will help you choose the procedure(s) that are right for you.

It's important to distinguish our customized facelift with what is called a lifestyle lift. A lifestyle lift can be performed by any physician who has attended a two-week training course. It is minimally invasive with a short recovery, but it is not customized on a case-by-case basis. 

With our customized facelift, you can expect individualized care, not something that was prepackaged for the masses. A typical facelift takes three to four hours and can be performed under local anesthesia. 

Your surgeon will make surgical incisions from near the hairline to around your ear. She will carefully pull the skin back and cut extra skin and fat away to give your facial contour a smoother look. The skin will be redraped on the face and secured with sutures or staples. Some patients may need a surgical drain, which can be removed in one to two days.

Total recovery time for a facelift can be 10 days to three weeks depending on the patient and the procedures performed. Your surgeon will be able to discuss your recovery with you.