Post-Mastectomy Breast/Nipple Reconstruction

Reconstructive breast and nipple surgery is a very personal decision, and every woman will have different wants and needs. Our plastic surgeon is here to help you through this sensitive time and sometimes lengthy process.

For women who want post-mastectomy breast/nipple reconstruction, there are many surgical options to choose from.

Women looking into reconstructive surgery after mastectomy should definitely schedule a consultation with our plastic surgeon prior to the mastectomy.

Lincoln Surgical can perform a mastectomy and breast reconstruction as a single-stage procedure with implants or tissue flaps. However, it is entirely up to you when to have your reconstructive surgery performed, and you should take into consideration your current medical condition and whether you may need radiation in the future.

Implants or Tissue Flaps

We can perform breast reconstruction using implants or tissue flaps. Tissue flap surgery involves using skin, fat, and muscle from your own body to reconstruct the breast.

Nipple Reconstruction

Although our plastic surgeon can reconstruct the breast in one surgery, nipple reconstruction is a separate procedure. Nipple and areola reconstruction are typically performed several months after completion of the breast reconstruction surgery. Like tissue flap surgery, the tissue to form your nipple is taken from a part of your body. To give it the color of the nipple and areola, medical tattooing is an option.


Because every patient is different, and this is a very personal procedure, it is best to schedule a consultation with our plastic surgeon to fully understand your options when it comes to post-mastectomy breast and nipple reconstruction.